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Preparing and dealing with change (please comment with suggestions)…

May 13, 2011

I totally owned this exact shirt in 1977…

“When it’s time to change”…you know the song, right?

As a sales professional, we’re frequently handed new and interesting (sometimes frightening) opportunities.  Some of these can become life-changing – such as getting the nod to assume a position leading a sales team.  Maybe it’s taking on new projects.

On the other hand it could be negative.  You’ve been passed over for a gig.  You have just been handed what appears to be an awful commission structure.  Your new boss quickly demonstrates that he or she is not only ill-equipped for leadership but is also unqualified to do the job YOU have.  You’ve just been assigned problem accounts that require fence-mending and smoothing over for someone else’s mistakes.

If you knew of someone facing major changes – what piece of advice would you impart?  Care to share some examples of your own?

Let’s start the conversation!


Friday Distraction – Know your customers, even if they’re your parents…

May 13, 2011

Comic Maria Bamford talks about how sales training can serve you well…

Maria Bamford standup

Rumors of our death were greatly exaggerated…

May 12, 2011

We took a bit of a break here at, but after a brief rest and refocusing, I’m happy to report we are back at it.

Sometimes the jump start comes from additional time creation (“I got fired so now I can write more…”)

Sometimes it’s an epiphany (“I’ve had a near death experience, and I’m compelled to BLOG about it…”)

The reality is that your chief blog officer has really been pressed with scant time to devote to blogging.  I work in social media and lack of consistency is DEATH when it comes to building an online presence.  This blog isn’t exactly paying the mortgage, so until the day comes when the Brinks truck backs up to the driveway to deliver my blogging cash, things sometimes need to be put on the back burner.

The good news – most of the time pressure has been as a result of MASSIVE SUCCESS in my day job.  Both individually and across my team the collective degree of sales success has been nothing short of stellar, so I’ve got all kinds of things I’m looking forward to sharing.

So consider this a tease for tomorrow’s Friday Distraction.  Trust me it’s gonna be a good one.

Friday Distraction – 40 Motivational Speeches for the Day

March 4, 2011

If one speech is good to get you moving – 40 must be…like…100 times better, right?

Friday Distraction – Avoid Being an Awkward Spaz

February 18, 2011

I have to give a big hat-tip for this video to a new contact I made recently – Mr Jim Keenan and his awesome blog.  His stuff is spot on, and I highly suggest you follow him, as spending 10 minutes poking around his blog re-lit my fire for getting back into the posting groove.  I’ve been terribly lame lately, and I aim to get back to regular posting very soon.

The point of this Friday distraction is obvious.  Adequate pre-call preparation is often the difference between sounding like a stammering ninny and a smooth operator over the phone.  I have found that the time when I’m most vulernable to this is following vacation time from the office.  Considering I’ll be out for 8 days in early March, I suppose I’d better heed this advice.


Friday Distraction – “Schrute Style”

February 11, 2011

Friday Distraction-Use Stats to your advantage

February 4, 2011

Watch this kid sell his case to his mother utilizing statistics and examples.


Also,note at the ends with an excellent closing question, and SHUTS UP using the famous “the first person to speak-loses” rule…


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