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I know what you’re thinking – “What’s with the NAME?”

We’ll get to that in a minute.

Business Development Professionals, Account Managers, Client Solution Architects, Client Advocate, Account Executives…

All very worthwhile titles, deserving of at least a little hype, but at the core, you know what you are:

You are a “sales rep”.  and you know what?  There’s not a single thing wrong with that.

Individuals and business entities have taken great pains to develop other titles in lieu of the dreaded “sales rep” (like there’s something radioactive about being called such).

No matter what you call yourself – you serve a pivotal role to your organization.  You and your teammates are charged with producing the lifeblood of any commercial enterprise – REVENUE.  You bring in the deals, you wrestle the contract over the finish line, and you work hard to get the job done through meeting your quota/budget/nut.

I don’t care if you’re on and off of planes and have more frequent flier miles than Santa, a road warrior making returning calls and writing contracts from the front seat of the sedan, or “smiling and dialing” in a telesales environment – this blog is for you.  The reason is – if our end of the equation breaks down, lights get turned off, doors close, and orgs fold up their tents.

You’re probably in sales because you like the thrill of the hunt, the challenge of being a problem solver, possess the ability to listen and find the solution that eludes others.  If you consider yourself “stuck” in sales marking time until the next “cush gig” comes along, keep surfing right on outta here, because you’re not the folks we want to share with.  While I recognize there’s something to be said about holding and keeping a job out of necessity (providing for one’s family is job #1), the truth is that you’re just visiting and will probably not get what we’re all about.

This blog will be a collection of scrapes from the web, observations, guest interviews and contributions all designed to bring you things worth your time.  Hopefully you’ll sign up for alerts via email, or follow-up on Twitter.

One thing – we HATE nouveau-trendy terms like “think outside the box”, “low-hanging fruit”, “core competency”, etc.  I had an old boss that insisted in beating the term “pushing the needle” into oblivion.  The blog title “NeedleShover” came from that. I wanted to take that term and invert it into something less crappy, but still effective in getting the message. Let’s ditch the stupid jargon and communicate better, with our clients and each other.

We hope you enjoy.  Please comment, retweet, and share with anyone you come across.  Don’t forget to sign up for alerts too.

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