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When Customer Servicing Costs You…

October 3, 2010

I think to a certain extent, just about every sales professional has someone on the “back end” looking after the takes of servicing and keeping your hard-won clients happy. Of course you are your customer’s primary advocate, and if your business relies on any kind of renewals or add-on re-orders, you’re wise to keep those clients nearby and extremely happy.

Of course, there are always aspects that you must leave off to others. Being a bit of a self-confessed control-freak (or “superfreak” if you will), I’m very blessed to have a crack team looking out for my client base at I can’t be everywhere at all times, but I know that my support system “has my 6” (that’s a military term meaning watching my back).

A couple keys to making sure you are protected on your blind side-

(1) Make an effort to group up on a regular basis
This is the single most important way to make sure that those that are taking care of the servicing follow through. To put it plainly, if they feel as if it’s not a priority of yours, it won’t be a priority of theirs – despite the fact that’s what their being paid for. Their roles, responsibilities and compensation are completely different than yours.

(2) Establish a method for handing-off certain duties
When “onboarding” a new client there’s a time and place where you will end and your servicing department will pick up. A joint phone call far surpasses a simple CC on an email.

(3) Don’t underestimate the power of a simple “Thank You”
Take care of those taking care of you. It sounds trite, but taking someone out to lunch once in a while can really go a long way to making sure that customer service rep calls/emails your client back first. If the $15 for lunch is too rich for your blood, a coffee and bagel on Fridays might be better. Imagine your largest client taking a walk on you – what would that cost?


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